Forms for static sites

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Get unique url

Enter the email that you want to use for receiving form submissions.
You will get your unique url via email for additional protection


<form action="unique-url" method="POST">
  <input name="name" type="text">
  <input name="message" type="text">
  <button type="submit">Submit</button>


Reply to

If your form contains the field email then when you receive the submission in your email client you can just hit REPLY and start writing a response.

  <input name="email" type="email">

Form Title, Site Title

Add the fields _form and _site to your form to customize the submission email

  <input name="_site" type="hidden" value="Super Duper Blog">
  <input name="_form" type="hidden" value="Contact Form">

Success and Error pages

Add the fields _error-page-redirect and _success-page-redirect to the form to redirect users to your own Success and Error pages

  <input name="_error-page-redirect" type="hidden" value="">
  <input name="_success-page-redirect" type="hidden" value="">

Back url

Add the field _back-url to the form if you want to use our Success/Error pages. That lets your users to get back to your site after pressing "OK"

  <input name="_back-url" type="hidden" value="">